Opportunity House Shuts Down in Lavonia

September 12, 2013

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia


Four years after it opened, Opportunity House, a day program for mentally challenged adults in Lavonia, has closed its doors.

According to Opportunity House Board chair Andrea Robinson, Opportunity House has been struggling financially for the past couple of years.

She said the decision to close came after Opportunity House director Pam Royston chose to resign following the recent death of her son.

Robinson said the board could not afford to pay Royston.

“She could not physically and emotionally handle the difficulty of the job when she was getting not even half of her salary and we felt like we were not in a position to hire someone else when we couldn’t pay her salary,” Robinson said. “We were privileged to have Pam as Opportunity House program director. She always served the clients with compassion and devotion to their needs.”

Robinson said under the group’s charter, all of the equipment and furniture belonging to Opportunity House must be given to another similar group.

She said it will be donated to a State-run program called, Avita.

“Their CEO, Cindy McLaughlin, came and looked at our things and we can at least say they will use our assets for the same purposes as we used them in our community,” Robinson said.

Avita currently runs programs for developmentally challenged adults in Hartwell, Carnesville, and Toccoa.