Over 2,000 Walk-In Early Voters Thus Far in Elbert County

October 25, 2012

Early Voting turnout in Elbert County continues to be very strong. Chief Registrar of Elbert County Charlotte Ward on the turnout.

The turnout continues to be great day after day; we are averaging about 270 voters a day. At the close on Tuesday, we had 1885 total walk in early voters. So we are really excited about the turnout”, said Ward.

At the close of Wednesday, the Registrar’s Office announced that they had broken the two thousand walk in early voter mark. In total, the office had 229 in person voters at the close of the polls yesterday, which put the walk in early voting total over 2,100 voters.

Factor in the total amount of absentee ballots, and the grand total of early votes cast so far is just a hair shy of 2,500 votes; which is over 20% of the active registered voters in Elbert County.

Early Voting will continue for eight more days before coming to a close. For those who plan on voting, it is important to remember to bring a government approved photo ID.

For more information about Early Voting, or to check your voter status, contact the Elbert County Registrar’s Office at (706) 283-2012; or visit their office in person at their location in the Elbert County Government Complex.