Over Sixty Veterans Honored at ECCHS on Veterans Day

November 12, 2013

Another outstanding Veterans Day Ceremony hosted by the Elbert County JROTC program on the campus of the Elbert County Comprehensive High School.

Sergeant Major Doug Hastings, a veteran of the Vietnam War, was the guest speaker at the ceremony.

During his speech, Hastings commended the World War II veterans by referring to them as “The Greatest Generation”.

“To the WWII veterans here today, the Greatest Generation is an appropriate title for you, as you gave us life, hope, moral courage, integrity, loyalty, and devotion to country”, said Hastings. “You taught us to work hard to become anything that we wanted to be.”

Speaking to everyone in attendance yesterday morning, Hastings said there are multiple ways you can honor the veterans from past and current wars alike.

“In addition to one day a year, the greatest honor you can give to them is to stand up for America, stand up for God and Country, stand up for faith, family and freedom. Live the life they gave you to the fullest, and be all that you can be”, said Hastings. “God Bless you for your service, thank you for our freedom, and God Bless America.”

A total of sixty-three veterans from World War II up to Operation Desert Storm were honored yesterday morning at the Elbert County Comprehensive High School Gym.