Phase One of ECCHS Renovations Officially Complete

September 17, 2013

The Elbert County Board of Education held their regular monthly meeting yesterday evening.

During the meeting, Parrish Construction Group Executive Director Jim Fallon explained how the renovations in phase 1 are going.

“Phase one is 100% complete”, said Fallon. “The entire scope work and punch list has been completed. The roof is finished and the science lab work is completed.”

A final inspection for Phase 1 is scheduled for September 24th; this will then lead to Phase 2 work beginning after bids on the work have been received and looked at thoroughly.

Phase 2 consists of work taking place in multiple buildings at the Elbert County Comprehensive High School.

Those buildings will include the Front Administration building, ROTC, Band room, and the Field Houses.

Expected time for Phase 2 to be completed is during the summer of 2014.