Phase Two Renovation Fieldhouse Plans to be Presented to EC School Board on Nov. 18th

November 12, 2013

Phase Two renovation work is moving full steam ahead at the Elbert County Comprehensive High School today, but one item in Phase Two that is still up in the air is a proposed new field house.

Originally planned to be more than 8,000 square feet, the first budget for the field house was over 1.4 million dollars.

According to Charlie Griffus, who is with the Parish Construction group, a number of different revisions to the blueprints have been made to reduce the costs of construction.

“We’ve had a number of different versions of the plan, in fact we met earlier and we are making adjustments to make sure we have enough meeting space”, explained Griffus. “We have expanded to just over six thousand square feet.”

The targeted budget number the Elbert County School System is looking for is right at $870,000; currently the budget is just shy of roughly $980,000.

Elbert Count School Superintendent Chuck Bell said it’s been a phenomenal achievement to maintain the purpose of the proposed field house while reducing size and budget.

“We’re really at a point to where we have been able to retain all the program elements that were in the original plans for the field house”, said Bell. “That is a monumental achievement considering we have reduced the budget by over four hundred thousand dollars.”

Griffus says that the construction group will have final plans for the field house ready by the Board of Education’s regular meeting on Monday November 18th.

He also added that the new field house would be expandable if more room is needed in the future.