Playground Equipment at Bowman Park Finally Complete

March 27, 2013

With the completion of one project at the Bowman City Park, another can now begin.

At least that is the intention of Bowman City Councilman Pete Gibbons, who reported during Monday’s council meeting that work on the new playground equipment had finally been completed.

Gibbons said he was very appreciative of the help that the county offered in assembling the equipment.

“The new playground equipment is in and fully operational with help from the Elbert County maintenance department”, said Gibbons. “Tommy Lyon and Bob Thomas got together and offered some of their guys and they got it up in about a week. It looks great, and they did a great job. It’s a really good addition to our park.”

With that project out of the way, Gibbons said he now wants to focus on landing some picnic tables for the park.

According to Gibbons, the city of Greenwood, South Carolina is holding an auction for some used tables at a very affordable price.

Gibbons has requested from the council that he be allowed up $1,600 dollars to bid and purchase two sets of eight picnic tables.

The bulk of the money will come from the city’s park fund.

The council approved the request with a unanimous vote during Monday’s council meeting.