Pleasant Grove Recreation Division Granted Permission to Use Bowman Park Facilities

July 24, 2013

A disc golf course coming to Bowman? Well, it’s a possibility.

Jared Hightower with Pleasant Grove Baptist Church’s recreation branch went before the Bowman City Council Monday evening to request use the facilities located at Bowman City Park.

Hightower mentioned that other user agreements had been obtained from other churches in the area, but that due to the growth of the church’s recreation division, that more field space was needed.

He mentioned that the city of Bowman and Pleasant Grove had agreements in the past, and that he wanted to revisit that past relationship.

“I am aware that a while ago, that Pleasant Grove had a recreation division, and they did some extensive work with the city with utilizing the park”, explained Hightower. “I am not sure of those details, but would like to re-visit that relationship because I am in need of some ball field space due to growth.”

Later in his presentation to the council, Hightower mentioned his interest in helping the city establish a disc golf course at the park, as that had been an interest that Park Committee Chairman Pete Gibbons had expressed in the past.

Hightower feels that the addition of a disc golf course, if able to be done, could be a huge plus for the city of Bowman.

“If your property in the park is suitable for it, I would love to work with you for no fee, just because I would like to help promote the sport”, said Hightower. “I think that it is a benefit for the city for people to come to town for recreation, for fun, and for exercise. If they stop at one of your stores before or after playing disc golf, I think that is economic.”

Discussion on the possibility of a disc golf course being established in Bowman is expected to continue in the future.

However, the council did agree with a unanimous 3-0 vote to allow Pleasant Grove use of the facilities at the Bowman City Park, under the stipulation that field maintenance be handled by Hightower.