Power Surge Youth Program Wraps up this Evening

April 17, 2013

Tonight will mark the final day of the 5th Annual Power Surge youth program that has been taking place in Elbert County.

It began on Sunday evening and has run every day this week, and will wrap up this evening at the First Baptist Church’s ROC building.

One of the men behind Power Surge, Kevin Buttner, said this program brings all denominations together.

“Churches tend to stay inside their own cultures, but Power Surge is unique because we bring all denominations together, and that is cool because that is not typical”, said Buttner. “It’s hard to get all these different folks together, but the underlying message is agreed by all.”

He says this program is a very positive alternative to other things that the youth in Elbert County could be doing with their spare time.

“Every year it’s basically music and message with a featured guest”, said Buttner. “It’s a very positive alternative to a lot of things that are out there, and there are so many things that can pull the youth in the wrong direction, and this would be a safe alternative to participate in.”

Tonight’s final program takes place at the ROC building, and begins at 7:00pm and will wrap up around 8:30pm this evening.

Doors open at 6:30pm, and there is no admission cost to attend the event.