Praise and Preparedness Orientation Meeting Scheduled for Local Churches

January 30, 2014

Faith-based organizations play an integral role in local readiness and recovery efforts.

In order to support these efforts, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security is introducing a new initiative, Praise & Preparedness.

Praise & Preparedness provides congregations with the resources needed to prepare before disaster strikes.

By acting on the simple message to ‘prepare, plan and stay informed,’ you can help reduce the impact of any large-scale emergency on your organization and members.

Want to bring Praise & Preparedness to your congregation?

Elbert County EMA will host an orientation meeting on February 3, at 6pm, in the Coggins Auditorium on the Elberton campus of Athens Technical College.

We invite the pastor plus one to two representatives (deacon, chairman, elder, etc.) from each church to attend.

Please RSVP to Elbert County EMA by calling (706) 283-2003 or e-mail [email protected].