Pre-Registration Period Closed for Twilight Stroll Races

December 31, 2012

Pre-registration has ended for the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce’s 10th Annual Twilight Stroll.

The event has evolved from a simple one mile fun run event, to hosting 5K and 10K races in conjunction with the fun run.

Phyllis Brooks, Executive Director of the Chamber, said the event has also grown based on its affiliation with the Run and See Georgia Grand Prix.

“We added the 10K because people that run these races all the time, they get extra points. So this has brought a lot of new runners to our event, and since it takes place so early in the year it gives them a good start in the Grand Prix”, explained Brooks.

Another interesting thing taking place this year is a bounty on last year’s 10K time set by McKenzie Howell, who completed the 10K in 37:16.

“This year we are putting a reward out there for anyone who can beat her time”, said Brooks. “There is a $300 prize for anyone who can do it, and should she break her own time, she will receive the prize.”

The pre-registration closed on the 28th. Those interested in participating can still do so, as registration will be held at 6:00pm the day of the event. The cost will be twenty dollars for registering the day of the race.

The stroll takes place on January 4th, 2013. The one mile fun run begins at 7:00pm, the 5K starts at 7:30pm, and the 10K follows at 8:30pm.