Progress Continues to be Made to Old Rock Gym Project

July 16, 2013

Progress continues to be made with the Old Rock Gym Project.

The last couple of weeks have featured the project’s contractor putting the finishing touches on the punch list formed by the county and the building’s architect.

A “punch list” runs down all of the work that has to be completed before a project is considered finished.

Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas said the punch list consisted of several different items.

“A lot of it was painting, I think there was a problem with the floor in one spot, Some air conditioning – heating mechanical type stuff. Some electrical had to be completed was not completed, those types of things I think have been done”, says Thomas.

According to Thomas, if the architect is not satisfied with the work that has been done, then the contractor will be brought back in to finish whatever the architect deems necessary.

On the other side, if everything checks out, then the process will begin to close out the project so the county can take over the building.

Thomas says despite all the work that has been put into the building, that the project will still not be complete.

“It’s not a fully complete project at this point. It is usable there are several other things that we don’t have enough of tables and chairs if somebody wanted to come and rent it or have a function over there, we’re just not quite to that point yet but there’s other things that have to be done to make it usable to where somebody could come in and use the facility”, Says Thomas.

Some of those little things include adding in a full kitchen and some additional cabinets for it to be a fully functional venue.