Progress Continuing to be Made on Bowmart Building

January 30, 2014

Bowman City Mayor Pete Gibbons gave another update on the condition of the Bowmart building, which is owned by the city, during the council’s regular meeting on Monday night.

He said after talking with Steve Macon, who is with Parker Young Construction, that work is expected to be completed on the building within sixty days.

Gibbons explained that the building is being completely redone.

“They said that there will be a complete redo of the building, they said everything in the building needs to be taken care of, including the roof”, said Gibbons. “He was quite certain we would be proud of the building once the work is done.”

Gibbons said the only cost expected to be incurred by the city is the cost of the insurance deductible, and also mentioned that the council will begin to discuss a possible use for the building once work is completed.