Proposed One Mil Increase to County’s Millage Rate Struck Down 3-2

August 30, 2013

Three public hearings have been held over the course of the last two weeks for Elbert County residents to express their concerns over a proposed one mil increase to the county’s Fiscal Year 2014 millage rate.

As proposed the one mil increase would designate ¾ of a mil for economic development, and ¼ of a mil for a pay increase for the county’s employees.

At yesterday evening’s final public hearing, District 2 resident Kevin Lewis said the county should address current issues.

“I do not think that putting money in something that is just a proposal is as important at the present time as the issues at hand”, said Lewis. “The things that are pushing people away from this county, unprecedented fuel costs, healthcare costs, groceries; and he were are talking about doing something for something down the road.”

A motion was made during the called meeting by Commissioner Kenneth Ashworth to put the mil increase on the July primary ballot for residents to vote on.

That motion was struck down with a vote of 3-2 as Commissioner Harold Reynolds was the only other yes vote on that motion.

Ashworth then made another motion to not include the one mil increase on the FY 2014 millage rate.

That motion carried with a vote of 3-2 with Commissioners Harold Reynolds and Chris Alexander voting against.

Before closing out yesterday’s meeting, Commissioner Ashworth asked for the publics help in coming up with solutions on what to do better in Elbert County.

“If y’all have any ideas with what we can do to improve our economy, I ask for y’all to right it down and send it to us through Bob Thomas”, said Ashworth.

The FY 2014 millage rate will be set at the original rollback rates of 10.411 for the unincorporated part of the county, and for the incorporated part of the county.