Radiology Department Changes at Elbert Memorial Hospital

April 24, 2013

Positive changes continue to take place at Elbert Memorial Hospital ever since the AnMed Affiliation was finalized.

The most recent changes came at the hospital’s radiology department, where a change was made in who handles the Diagnostic Radiology Professional Service to an independent group based out of Anderson, South Carolina.

Elbert Memorial CEO Jim Yarborough said the new changes took some getting used to.

“I know our physicians have been real patient with us, as I know there have been some growing pains with that change, but I feel confident we have worked through a lot of that”, said Yarborough.

As part of the transition, the hospital also converted its PAC (Picture Archiving and Communication) System to the AnMed/General Electric PAC System.

Yarborough said that a few kinks will work themselves out over the next month or so, but did say the new system offers doctors faster access to radiology readings.

“Our doctors can actually dial into our dictation system and listen to the report well before it is typed, and that is very important for our emergency department”, said Yarborough.

The changes in Elbert Memorial’s radiology department took place during a very short time frame, which came out to be just less than a month.