“Rally 4 Quarters” Fundraiser Taking Place at Elbert/Hart Football Game

October 26, 2012

Tonight, fans from both Hart County and Elbert County will find themselves united against a single opponent. That opponent is childhood cancer.

During halftime of the Elbert/Hart football game this evening, helmets will be passed through the crowd to take in contributions for the Rally Foundation’s “Rally 4 Quarters” fundraiser.  The foundation donates money to childhood cancer research, and also provides financial relief to the families that have children undergoing cancer treatments.

Blue Devil Football Head Coach and Athletic Director Sid Fritts said it’s a great opportunity to provide funds for childhood cancer research.

“It’s a cause that is near and dear to our hearts”, said Fritts. “Our children are our most prized possession, and it gives us an opportunity to reach down and provide revenue for the research of childhood cancer.”

Fritts said this game is the opportune time to hold a fundraiser of this caliber, and called it quote “a business decision”.

“I guess you could call in a business decision when you have the largest market to draw from then obviously the opportunity to generate more revenue is there”, explained Fritts. “We all know how both communities feel about the Elbert County/Hart County football rivalry, and we felt that would be the best time to pass the hat.”

According to Fritts, roughly four thousand dollars was collected at last year’s Elbert/Hart football game. Fritts said he hopes that number is larger this year, especially now that this fundraiser is now familiar with both fan bases.

The Elbert County Blue Devils will take on the Hart County Bulldogs in the Granite Bowl this evening. Kick-off is scheduled for 7:30pm, and admission into the game is seven dollars.