Reading of a New Play Takes Place Tomorrow at Elbert Theatre

September 14, 2012

Tomorrow the Elbert Theatre will feature the reading of a new play from a local play writer.

Playwright Michael Blackston’s new play is titled Mr. Long Said Nothing. Elbert Theatre Director Toni King said that Blackston has spent a lot of time coming up with the new play.

“It’s actually based on true life events. He created it from a story that his wife told him from her childhood. He has been working on this play for nearly twenty years, and it is finally done”, said Elbert Theatre Director Toni King. “He would like the opportunity to share it with us for the very first time in public, and we are very excited to do that.”

There will be no cost to attend the reading. It will be held at the Elbert Theatre on Saturday beginning at 2:00pm, and lasting until 4:00pm. Following the reading, there will be chance for the audience to ask questions.

For more information on the play reading you can contact the Elbert Theatre Office at (706) 283-1049 or (706) 213-3109.