Registration for The Granite City Cook-Off has Started

July 9, 2013

Registration is now underway for the annual Granite City cook-off coming up in September.

At last night’s Elberton City Council meeting Rev. John Barnett asked once again for the city’s support.

“ I know we did it before, we’re asking that you help us out again. Also we’re asking Elberton Net if they could do another Customer Appreciation Day that went over well last time,” says Barnett.

You can register with Mrs. Tiffany Gibbons at Elberton City Hall or you contact Rev. Barnett by mail at 2206 Jones Ferry Road Elberton, GA, or by phone at 706-224-9220.

Those interested in entering are encouraged to do so before August 15, 2013.

All money raised from the Granite City cook-off will go to an upcoming senior at Elbert County Comprehensive High School.