Reminder to Motorists to Follow School Bus Laws

August 14, 2014

With school back in full swing in Elbert County, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety says now is the best time to brush up on the rules of the road.

School buses are once again a common site on state and county roads, and GOHS Director Harris Blackwood says you have to stop if the road does not have a physical median.

“If you are on a road that does not have a divided median, either grass or a concrete barrier, even if there are five lanes between you and the school bus, you have to stop. Even if you are coming in the opposite direction”, explained Blackwood.

He says a large portion of injuries and fatalities that occur don’t happen when students are on the bus, but rather when they are trying get on.

“You know we have had very few crashes or situations where people are injured because of being on the bus”, said Blackwood. “It is getting on the bus where we have seen injuries and fatalities.”

For those who get caught breaking the rules regarding buses?

“It is 6 points and a three hundred and fifty dollar fine. So it is some pretty serious consequences, that is higher than any speeding ticket”, said Blackwood.

An interesting fact, according to Blackwood, is that Georgia buses transport more students on a given day than Delta does airplane passengers.

Those traveling in Elbert County can fully expect the Elberton Police Department, Elbert County Sheriff’s Office, and Georgia State Patrol to be strictly enforcing all school bus related road rules.