Remnants of Isaac Could Provide Some Drought Relief for Georgia

August 31, 2012

An overhead view of the storm as it made landfall in Louisiana

With the recent rain that Elbert County, along with the rest of Northeast Georgia, has received, we are seeing drought conditions slowly improving in our area.

“Northeast Georgia is actually not doing too badly.” said Murphey, “Still some dry and abnormally dry conditions, but there has been a little improvement; we have gotten some of the outer bands of Isaac, which have helped just a little bit in some isolated areas.

Murphey says that Georgia will not be directly impacted by the remnants of Issac, but that the state and Northeast Georgia as well, will more than likely see some indirect effects from the storm.

“I don’t think we aren’t going to get that much we might get some remnant impact from it early next week. Now, we still have this rich tropical air mass over us right now, which is good for causing afternoon thundershowers just from the daytime heating.” said Murphey, “The main impacts of Isaac are still going to be felt in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and possibly Missouri, which are all areas that need it, except for Louisiana.”

According to Murphey, the area of Georgia that needs the rain the most is the part of the State that is south of the City of Macon.

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