Renovations at Elbert County High School Set to Beging This Summer

March 6, 2013

Since the first time opening its doors in 1976, the Elbert County school board is looking at making major renovations to the Elbert County High School.

In the last E-SPLOST vote it was approved for 7.45 million dollars in bonds to go towards renovations at the high school.

Elbert County Superintendent Rick Higginbotham explains some of the work that is expected to take place.

“We have designated a number of different things to be done to the main building itself”, said Higginbotham. “Such as changes to the entrance to the high school, a new roof, new doors, fire alarm upgrades, science lab upgrades, and much much more.”

Higginbotham talked about the potential that Elbert County School system has.

“The whole idea is for the Elbert County to be one of the best school systems academically, but I also want the schools to have great extra curricular activities to make Elbert County schools attractive to not just Elbert County residents, but to people outside of Elbert County”, explained Higginbotham.

With interest rates being at an all time low as well as constructions costs, Higginbotham says it’s the ideal time to start work.

“Right now is a great time to renovate or build because construction costs are down, and so are interest rates”, said Higginbotham.

Phase 1 renovations, which will consist of interior work, are expected to start this summer.