Rep. Jasperse Explains New Gun Law Legislation that Goes Into Effect on July 1

June 19, 2014

State Representative Rick Jasperse of Georgia’s 11th District is explaining what House Bill 60 means for Georgians.

Jasperse is the co-author of the bill, which is better known as a new state gun law that goes into effect on July 1st.

He says the bill had been in the works for two years prior to being approved by the general assembly.

The purpose of the bill, says Jasperse, is to restore carry rights to legal gun owners with carry permits.

The new law allows firearms to be permitted in places of worship and bars with permission of the property owners.

It also allows firearms to be carried in government buildings says Jasperse.

“If it’s a government building where people walk in and out of, someone with a Georgia weapons license can maintain their weapon as they go in there, they can keep it”, said Jasperse. “All that does is give the good Georgian the opportunity to defend themselves if they choose to.”

Current laws now still allow firearms to be carried into bars at the owner’s discretion, but the main change with HB60, is that it takes the issue out of the government’s hands says Jasperse.

“The government is out of it. It is no longer a criminal offense to have a gun in a bar, that is the key change”, said Jasperse. “It’s now a trespassing issue where the bar owner can ask you to leave or allow you to stay, it is now a trespassing issue.”

Jasperse said the language in the new law is very straightforward as to avoid any potential catch twenty-twos.

For those wanting more detailed information about where or where not permitted carriers are allowed to posses firearms, Jasperse recommends visiting, as that site identifies clearly where firearms are allowed and prohibited.