Representative Collins Settling Into New Job in Washington

January 8, 2013

Dough Collins spoke Friday, the day after he was sworn in to serve as the ninth district representative in the U.S. House, representing Elbert County and northeast Georgia. Collins says being sworn into the U.S. house was a very memorable moment.

“It is a culmination of a lot of work on the campaign side,” said Collins. “It is just a privilege to serve.”

On the legislative side, Collins has already co-sponsored two balanced budget amendments. Collins says co-sponsoring such legislation right away was important to him because it was something he campaigned on.

“People just do not understand how Washington can continue to do budgets in which they do not balance,” said Collins. “Regular citizens, hard-working taxpayers have to go home every day and balance their books. They have to watch what they spend, know what they take in. In Georgia, we have a constitutional amendment that says you have to have a balanced budget. It’s not an option.”

Spending, debt, and deficit are currently the main topics in Washington as legislators begin to again debate raising the debt ceiling. Collins says that in any debt ceiling legislation, he wants to see major spending reform.

“This past year, we are on track for the third highest revenue year in history,” said Collins. “Think about that for a second. Yet, we are still discussing debt and deficits. We have got to have major spending reform. We have got to have a major look at our programs that drive our debt. If we don’t do that, shame on us. That is what I am going to be pushing for.”

He goes on to say that everything must be on the table, including programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and social security.

Meanwhile, Collins says another big issue he wants to focus on in Washington the status of U.S. Corps of Engineer lakes like Lanier, Hartwell, and Russell.

Collins says he knows many other issues will come up through his committee assignments, which include judiciary, foreign affairs, and oversight and government reform.  He again says he feels good about his committee assignments moving forward.