Representative Doug Collins on IRS Situation

June 7, 2013

The US House of Representatives’ Oversight and Reform Committee met yesterday in Washington to talk about the recent Internal Revenue Service scandal.

Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) calls the IRS’ actions disrespectful to the American people.

“It really shows a culture of non-involvement, and really shows what I see as a complete lack of respect for the American people in looking at their spending habits and the way they were in the midst of a deep recession”, said Collins. “Its going back and looking at how did this happen, and making sure it doesn’t happen again.”

He continues by saying that the IRS seems to lack particular values when it comes to be responsible to the American people.

“They are hiring outside speakers, leadership through art, and some of the videos they were producing”, said Collins. “We got to have a better idea of stewardship, and stewardship in this issue is a much lacked value at the IRS.

The IRS is coming under fire for spending millions of taxpayer dollars on meetings, retreats, and videos in the middle of the recession.

The agency continues to catch heat from recent allegations where they were targeting conservative and religious groups in regards to audits.

Collins says that the trail seems to be leading them to Washington.

“As the trail becomes clearer and clearer, it is becoming more and more obvious that it is being led out of Washington, and not being led by a few rogue people from a Cincinnati office”, said Collins.

The investigation by the committee will continue over the next several days, as they hear testimony from the top officials from the IRS.