Revamp of Elberton’s Recycling Service Possibly Right Around the Corner

March 27, 2013

Mark LeFevre from the Public Works department shows off a self sort method of recycling for city residents.

Another item that the city of Elberton’s Public Works division is focused on is the city’s recycling program.

The curbside recycling service operates with two full-time employees operating one truck, and collects residential recycling every Wednesday, while picking up from businesses and schools on Monday and Friday.

Referencing Alan Hulme, director of administrative services, only the cities of Elberton and Toccoa in our area offer a curbside recycling service to their respective citizens.

He said that currently there are no rules or regulations in place on how the recycling is sorted.

Well that could possibly see a change fairly soon, as the city is seriously considering a self-sorting option for its residents.

The idea is that the city would provide three different bags or bins for different types of recyclables to go in, but the key to this idea working is for the city to educate its citizens on how to properly recycle.

That is a concern that Councilman Joel Seymour shares as well.

“I think part of the education should be about how to properly recycling. Such as cleaning out the items that you are recycling”, said Seymour. “That needs to be apart of the education process, and I think that will help out with that.”

Also discussed, another cost saving measure, was to reduce the collection rate from once a week, to once every two weeks.

Again, as with the recommendations and proposals to the solid waste department, nothing was officially decided on as this discussion took place during the city’s annual planning session.