Road Checks Vital in Community Safety

June 10, 2013

Road checks or checkpoints, no one likes to come across them, but they benefit more than they inconvenience.

So far in 2013 the Elberton Police Department has conducted twenty-three road checks, nine of which came in the month of April.

Michael Davis, with the EPD’s Special Operations Division, says road checks allow them to enforce many thing.

“One of the good things that we do is seatbelt enforcement, and another thing we are able to do is catch people who are driving on suspended licenses, and we are able to apprehend some folks through enforcement through road checks”, said Davis.

In the past, a checkpoint could be set up on a whim, but according to Davis, a lot more goes into setting one up due to state law.

“It has to be set up by a supervisor on shift, and it has to have a purpose such as seatbelt enforcement or concerns of speeding by a citizen”, explains Davis. “There is now certain paperwork that is required by Georgia State Law when setting up a road check.”

The official statistics for road checks in the month of May have not yet been updated by the Elberton Police Department.

Davis says that typically, as the weather warms up, the number of road checks will become more frequent.