Ruling From Judge Tate Disqualifies Wayne Ward from Running in BOE D3 Seat Primary

May 2, 2014

In a three page ruling handed down yesterday, Clarke County Probate Judge Susan Tate sided with the campaign of Incumbent P-Jo Phelps.

Her challenger, Mr. Donald Wayne Ward, was running for the Republican nod in the May Primary for the District Three Seat on the Elbert County Board of Education.

In her ruling, Judge Tate stated that current statutes regarding nepotism “prevent close family members, even those not related by blood, from serving together.”

Tate cited three previous instances of case law to formulate her response.

Had Mr. Ward been elected, he would have served alongside his brother in law, current Board Chairman Ben Baker, who is also running for re-election.

You can see Judge Tate’s ruling by downloading the .PDF by clicking here.