Sales Tax Holiday for Georgia Begins Today

August 9, 2013

Good news for Georgia shoppers as the state is holding its 2nd Sales Tax holiday.

Not everything is tax free, but a variety of items from clothing to computers to school supplies are listed as tax exempt.

Georgia Revenue Commissioner Doug MacGinnite’s department heads up the Sales Tax Holiday, and explains that there are some monetary limits on items.

“Clothing limit is $100, computer and computer accessories is $1000, and for school supplies it is $20 per item”, said MacGinnite. “There are some monetary limits for what qualifies.”

He also explains the kind of fiscal impact the holiday is going to have on the state and local governments.

“The impact to the state is going to be between roughly 38 and 52 million, and the impact to the local governments all over the state will be between 27 and 37 million”, said MacGinnite.

The revenue loss at the state and local government levels amount to savings for Georgia consumers who take part in the tax holiday.

MacGinnite says they are relying on businesses to properly tax items during the holiday.

“We rely on all vendors to appropriately tax what should be tax, but we have the ability to go back and audit if there is some question”, explained MacGinnite.

Georgia’s Sales Tax holiday will last for the remainder of today and all of tomorrow.