Salute the Troops Parade this Afternoon in Elbert County

February 15, 2013

The parade for soldiers of the 1/214th Artillery Division located in Elbert County is today.

The parade starts at 1:00pm at the Granite Bowl.

The route will be the annual ECCHS Homecoming parade route, which heads up Church Street, turns onto Tusten Street, and then finishes on Heard Street to the Elberton Square.

214th Battalion Commander LTC David Casey is confident in his troops.

“I tell ya, these are some of the best soldiers in the army, as their commander I could not be prouder with the effort they have put forth in preparing for this mission”, said LTC Casey.

A special ceremony follows the parade on the downtown square.

The ceremony features several speakers including Elberton City Mayor Larry Guest, Representative Tom McCall, and Major General Jim Butterworth among others.

LTC Casey gives a quick overview of his unit’s mission.

“We will be providing base security for a United States forward operating base in Afghanistan”, explained LTC Casey.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the parade to show support for our troops, who will depart for Afghanistan next week.