Santa’s Elves Help Out Washington Residents

December 10, 2012

A new Christmas holiday tradition is underway this year in Washington, Georgia; called ‘Santa’s Elf Shoppers’.

Executive Director of the Washington-Wilkes Chamber of Commerce Jenny Clarke says that Santa’s Elves are out trying to find the best local deals for residents.

“The story is that Santa’s Elves have been in Washington-Wilkes shopping around during all hours of the night trying to find the best deals for people to buy for Christmas. Every week we feature three items in the News Reporter that the elves at our local stores”, said Clarke.

She says that they are shooting for having a different theme in each weekly edition of the local newspaper.

“So every week there is a different theme, we are trying to include as many shops as possible. We are mostly focusing on chamber members this year”, said Clarke. “We hope that it is going to be almost like a scavenger hunt for people.”

Clarke says that if a store is selected that they will make a flyer to make shoppers aware of the special that is going on that week in the store.