Saturday’s Sister City Fundraiser One of the Best in Recent Years

April 18, 2013

Good news for the Elbert County Sister City Program, as Saturday’s Bubba Burger sack lunch fundraiser did really well.

Sister City Chairman Tom Evans Jr. said the turnout this past Saturday was really good.

“We had a great turnout, the support was great as our ticket sales were up from the previous years, and we even had a lot of people buying burgers on the spot”, said Evans. “Our group going to Japan this year did a nice job working, and without them, we probably wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what we did this past Saturday.”

He says the great turnout will really help the program as it comes time to purchase airline tickets to Japan, which he says, have gotten more expensive over the last several years.

Evans says that they may hold another fundraiser, but that nothing is quite set in stone yet.

“We probably will have a few more fundraisers even though we don’t have anything scheduled as of yet, but we probably have a few before they leave for Japan”, said Evans.

Ticket sales for the fundraiser were up about thirty percent from last three years this fundraiser has been in place.

The dates for the group’s respective trip to Japan have not been officially set; as Evans says they are continuing to shop days to get the best airline ticket price they can.

However, the Elbert County exchange students are expected to make the trip to Japan at some point after July 4th.