Savannah River Lakes Getting Back Down to Normal Levels

August 6, 2013

The lack of heavy rains in the northeast Georgia area has made life a lot easier for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Of the three reservoirs operated by the Corps, Russell and Thurmond are both less than a foot above their respective full pool levels.

Corps of Engineer Spokesman Billy Birdwell says Lake Hartwell is still a little high, but that everything is getting back to normal.

“We are still trying to get everything down to our full pool at both Russell and Hartwell, so Hartwell is a foot and a half above full pool, but are continually releasing water a safe rate”, said Birdwell. “Things should be operating pretty normal at all three reservoirs.”

When the heavy rains came just a few weeks ago, there were major concerns downstream on the Savannah River about flooding near Augusta, Georgia.

Birdwell says some of those concerns contributed to the reservoirs getting so full.

“That prompted us to take control of how much we were releasing from the reservoirs, and how often we did that”, said Birdwell. “So right now we are looking pretty good.”

Birdwell still urges caution for those downstream of the reservoirs.

“The river is running good, but it is still running fast and high, so we are still cautioning people if they have to be out on the river to be sure and wear that life jacket”, said Birdwell.

Currently Lake Richard B. Russell is 475.4 feet mean sea level, which is four tenths of a foot above the lake’s full pool elevation of an even 475ft. msl.