Savannah River Port Deepening Project Expected to Begin before the End of the Year

June 13, 2014

Well over seven hundred million dollars will be making its way to Georgia with the purpose of deepening forty miles of the Savannah River shipping channel.

So what does the average Georgia resident gain from this project?

“Well you are making sure that those products you buy or consume when you got to a major chain store, we as a state become the primary gateway for that commerce.”

Curtis Foltz, Executive Director of the Georgia Ports Authority, expects the first shovel will be in the water before the end of the year.

“They’ll start with the outer harbor, and that is something that will be an exciting day”, said Foltz. “When they put that first shovel in the water, and we expect that to be by the end of this calendar year.”

The only hold up at this point is a bit of bureaucracy, which is an agreement with the United States Army Corps of Engineers on how the state and Federal Government will split up the money to pay for the costs.

“Its 90-95 percent done already. Its getting the final crosses of the t’s and dottings of the I’s, and we should have that done within the next sixty to ninety days”, explained Foltz.

Foltz says this investment into the Savannah Port will keep the trend of continuing job growth in the state in motion for the foreseeable future.

He says there will be net benefits of 174 million dollars a year in commerce for years to come.