School District to Adopt Millage Rate at the End of August

August 15, 2013

With all the talk about a one mil increase potentially coming to Elbert County’s millage rate, the Elbert County School Board is in the process to approve their Fiscal Year 2014 millage rate as well.

The plan is to bump up the millage rate to 16.722 mills, which is a slight increase from Fiscal Year 2013’s rate of 16.057.

Elbert County School District CFO Ben Childs explains that despite the millage increase, the amount of taxes paid will remain the same.

“Because of the large decline in the gross millage digest for the whole county, the actual revenue and tax generated will be the same as last year”, explained Childs. “There is no revenue increase for the district, as we are maintaining the same tax revenue from the citizens as we have for the last few years.”

Childs said the Adjusted Net Maintenance and Operation Digest remained relatively stable until this year, when it took a substantial drop from last year’s digest.

“Right at 535 million, or 2013 digest was 514 million, and that is a pretty substantial drop in our digest”, said Childs.

He says looking back to 2010 that number was at 541 million, and in 2011 the digest was 538 million to just give some background on what the school district had to work with then.

A called meeting will be held on August 29th at 5:30pm at the Board of Education Office located at 50 Laurel Drive to adopt the FY 2014 millage rate.