Second and Final Theatre Camp in the Books

July 30, 2013
The most recent theatre campers take a crazy photo.

The most recent theatre campers take a crazy photo.

The curtains fall on the last of the two different summer camps hosted by the Elbert Theatre.

Over 30 students in the middle through high school age group recently completed their summer theatre camp.

The play that the group focused on was Into the Woods Junior.

Elbert Theatre Director Toni King said the kids were responsible for learning their lines, making the sets, making their own costumes, and other responsibilities relating to the show.

She says they did all that in just nine short days.

“They did a whole lot in nine days and really what they came out with at the end was awesome”, said King. “They did a wonderful job, and in particular this was especially difficult since this show was based on the full length show, which is difficult for even adults to learn.”

King says that most of the participants have a good base knowledge on how theatre works, and she explains that they use that to their advantage and go more in depth with the different aspects of theatre.

“They don’t do the crafts or have snack time like we do for the younger kids, but they already have a good start to what theatre is all about, and so we build on that and let them take control in certain creative areas”, said King.

King says they may try and pick some shows for the students to choose from next year that will be a little more light hearted, so the kids can focus on the show and other fun things as well.