Second “Shop Washington-Wilkes” Day Scheduled for Saturday

December 3, 2012

The City of Washington is getting prepped for their second “Shop Washington-Wilkes” Day of the year, which will be held this Saturday, December 8th.

Jenny Clarke, who is the Executive Director of the Washington-Wilkes Chamber of Commerce, said it is a mutually beneficial day for Washington merchants and residents as well.

“Its just a day that kind of gives awareness to the fact that we have so many wonderful and unique things, and there is a lot of things that people don’t have to go out of town to get”, said Clarke. “Especially since gas is so expensive right now, and we have so many local merchants that really need the support. It is just a day to remind people they need to shop at home, especially during the holiday season.”

Clarke said that this program serves another purpose than just promoting that people shop local.

“This program is a way to connect people with their merchants. Its been so long since a lot of people have been in the stores in town, that they really don’t know what they have”, said Clarke. “Also, if you are offering discounts, that are going to be more enticing, we hope, than going to a mall in Athens or Augusta.”

Merchants are encouraged to offer special discounts in the store or storewide, said Clarke.

The first “Shop Washington-Wilkes” Day, which took place back in October, was a very successful event, and Clarke said that they are hoping for similar results this Saturday.