Secondhand Dealer Ordinance Approved Narrowly by the Elbert County Commissioners

August 13, 2014

Now in place for Elbert County is a new Pawn Shop/Secondhand Dealer Ordinance.

That was the decision made Monday evening during the Elbert County Board of Commissioners regular meeting.

Elbert County Attorney Bill Daughtry gave an overview of what the ordinance does at the meeting.

“It requires a license for secondhand dealers, dealers in precious metals and gems, and pawn brokers to operate in Elbert County, to provide standards therefore, to provide enforcement thereof, and to provide penalties”, explained Daughtry.

The new ordinance requires secondhand dealers to take a photo of each person who sells an item, and requires the dealers to update a website with information about a transaction daily.

Unlike the City of Elberton’s version of the ordinance, dealers will not be required to fingerprint those selling items to the dealers.

The ordinance passed with a vote of 3-2 on Monday, with Commissioners Horace Harper and Harold Reynolds voting against implementing the new ordinance.