Several Local Meetings Take Place This Evening

February 25, 2013

A slew of local meetings are scheduled to take place on this final Monday in February.

The first of which takes place at 5:30pm at the Elbert County Board of Education building off of Laurel Drive.

There the board is expected to adopt a resolution to issue bonds, and will also recognize the ECCHS’ Ethics Bowl Team.

At 6:00pm, the town of Calhoun Falls will meet at the Calhoun Falls Civic Center.

During the meeting the council is expected to go through with the second reading of an ordinance to increase the Water and Sanitation fees. Following the reading, the council will then vote to adopt the ordinance.

Finally, at 7:00pm, the Bowman City Council will hold their regular meeting for the month of February at Bowman City Hall.

All these meetings that were mentioned are going to be open for the public to attend.