Several Raises Handed Out for Bowman City Employees

January 30, 2014

The Bowman City Council approved several personnel decisions, including pay raises for some current employees.

Deborah Walker was hired to be the new Bowman City Clerk at a rate of eleven dollars an hour; additionally Angie Pullen was hired on as the Assistant City Clerk at a rate of nine dollars an hour.

Both those hires were approved unanimously by the Bowman City Council.

Three employees received pay increases, Jeremy Holmes from $7.25/hour to $8.50/hour; Tyler Wade from $8.50/hour to $9.50/hour; and Jerry Elrod from $13.47/hour to an even $15.00/hour.

Mayor Pete Gibbons said these raises are not to just be handing out the city’s money.

“We do appreciate the work that our city employees do; we don’t take lightly the management of the city’s money, we’re not just handing out money to hand out money”, said Gibbons. “We feel that all these people have done an exceptional job for us, and we will continue to be fiscally responsible with your money. We went through the books to make sure we could afford the increases before moving forward with them.”

All three raises were also approved unanimously by the Bowman City Council.