Severe Weather Awareness Week Kicks off Today

February 4, 2013

Today marks the beginning of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Elbert County and the State of Georgia as well.

Elbert County EMA Director Chuck Almond details the purpose of the awareness week.

“We like to bring attention to different weather patterns that we see in the spring time and later winter”, said Almond. “It’s to help create a plan of action for homes, businesses, and government agencies on how to deal with these patterns.”

This week’s activities begin today, with Family Preparedness Day, which encourages households to check the batteries on their weather radios, create checklists of emergency supplies, and to create a family communication plan.

He says that the Elbert County EMA will be actively involved throughout the entire week.

“For us locally we will do some PSAs, and we are always in contact with the local school system to make sure they have practiced their plans”, explained Almond. “We also reach out to our local hospital and nursing homes, and make sure they are prepared as well.”

Severe Weather Awareness Week runs from today until Friday, February 8th.