Sleep Lab Services return to Elbert Memorial

May 2, 2014

Lost in the news of new ER Service Provider HospitalMD taking over yesterday was the announcement of the return of sleep lab services to Elbert Memorial.

The AnMed Health Sleep Center at Elbert Memorial Hospital has begun to accept patients by physician referral, which started yesterday.

The sleep center includes two EMH rooms outfitted for comfort, described as more like a hotel room than a hospital room.

The sleep study will be conducted by technicians and the results will be interpreted by one of three AnMed Health board certified sleep specialists.

Jeff Cotton, Sleep Clinic Manager at AnMed Health Lung and Sleep Center, says “severe sleep problems can mean serious medical problems. People with moderate to severe sleep apnea face an increased risk of stroke, for example. There are also links to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and cognitive decline.”

A community talk about sleep disorders is scheduled for noon on May 29 at EMH’S Charles Ruff Conference Room.

Call 864-512-6255 to register for the seminar.