Soils Still Saturated, Could See Regular Summer Weather Soon

July 15, 2013

Miss the drought yet? Probably not, but excess rain fall in northeast Georgia has been a headache these last few weeks.

According to State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey, Elbert County has received three to four inches of rainfall in the last week, and ten to fifteen inches in the last two weeks.

Soils are very saturated given all the rain we have received, and Murphey says that makes trees more susceptible to high winds.

Murphey said, “Soils are very saturated, and the bad things is that some of these stronger thunderstorms that have some micro bursts with them, you can face trees possibly being blown over, and that sort of thing becomes an issue.”

Murphey says despite the negatives that come with all the extra rain, that he can see the silver lining in all of this.

“I can also see a couple of glimpses of good things in this too, for instance this helps keep wildfire activity down, and places like the southeast part of the state could use some more rainfall as well”, said Murphey.

He says, given current weather models, that everything should begin to transition back to more typical and temperate summer conditions for the southeast by the middle of this week.