Some Advice on Making Sure Your Tree Stays Freshing Through Christmas

December 18, 2013

Christmas is now officially a week away, and for some time now, many have had their Christmas trees on display in their homes, and places of work.

Mike Bondi, with the United States Department of Agriculture has some key tips to keep in mind to make sure your tree stays fresh through Christmas Day.

“Locate it in the house where it is away from any direct source of heat”, said Bondi. “So its away from a heat vent, its not in a window that gets full sun exposure, or maybe its in a part of the house that you keep a bit cooler. All those tips will help keep your tree fresh for the remainder of the holidays.”

Another thing he says to keep in mind is that your tree needs lots and lots of water, and recommends having a tree stand that can hold three quarters of a gallon or a gallon of water.

For those who may be late to the Christmas tree party, Bondi says the first few days after a tree is cut are when its needs lots and lots of water, which in turn will keep it fresher for longer.