South Carolina Woman in Custody After High Speed Chase

December 11, 2012

An Iva, South Carolina woman is in custody after a high speed chase which ran all the way into Anderson County in South Carolina.

Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland said a call came in around 5:50am on Monday about a possible impaired driver.

“We got a call that a truck, a white truck was out on Royston Hwy.  29 South past some folks on a double yellow line and stayed on the wrong side of the rode and just you know complete total disregard for anybody’s safety”, said Cleveland.

According to a press release, Hart County Sheriff’s Deputies encountered the white pick-up, which was driven by a white male with a white female passenger.

Sheriff Cleveland said that the pursuit went along Highway 29 North into Anderson County. He said the chase came to an abrupt end.

“Turned off on a county road, small crooked county road and failed to negotiate a curve ran into a tree”, said Cleveland. “After that the passenger and driver bailed out and ran.”

After the chase, it was determined that the pick-up truck was a stolen vehicle out of Townville, South Carolina.

The female passenger, identified as 34 year old Melissa Jane Reese, is currently in custody at the Anderson County Detention Center, and is awaiting extradition back to Georgia. The driver of the pick-up is still at large.