Speeding Issues on Broad Street in Bowman See Temporary Relief

September 25, 2013

Temporary relief has been provided to residents of Broad Street in Bowman, GA in regards to concerns of speeding through the area.

According to Bowman Mayor Pamela Johnson, the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office has put the speed tracking sign on the road, and for the moment that has helped with the speeding, but Mayor Johnson said there are other concerns on Bowman roads.

“We still have issues in the other areas of the city”, said Mayor Johnson. “Such as on the other three roads that lead into the city.”

Discussion on the speeding issues through the city is expected to take place at the council’s work session next month.


In other matters, Mayor Johnson also issued an update for Bowman residents concerned about their driveways in the wake of the resurfacing work taking place along State Route 172.

She says that the Georgia DOT has said crews will be back in the area to fix driveways leading to the highway.

“If anyone has a driveway on 172, they will be fixing that”, said Johnson. “They came through and paved, but they have made us aware they will come back and fix that, and that is their intent.”

A bulk of the resurfacing work on the highway is complete, and the touch up work such as the driveway transitions, restriping, and shoulder work is still expected to be complete before the DOT’s construction season ends in November.