Spring Break for EC Students Remains in Tact

February 25, 2014

Elbert County students will not be missing any of their spring break holiday.

That decision coming out of last night’s Elbert County Board of Education meeting.

As a result no student days that were missed due to inclement weather will be made up, but Elbert County School Superintendent Chuck Bell says teachers, staff, and 12-month employees will have to make up those days.

“Our best plan of action, and many other school systems and our neighbors are taking the same approach, is that teachers make up those hours on an individual basis, and between now and May 22nd they need to provide documentation of those make up hours”, said Bell.

Speaking on the student days that will not be made up, Bell explains why the school board decided to ultimately not cut into spring break to make up teaching days.

“There are families in our school community that have made plans, but school systems that do cut into spring break see a high absentee rate on those days and you are going to miss a lot of kids”, explained Bell. “One thing we did do was move state testing for grades three through eight back by one week.”

For teachers, a make up day will consist of four or more hours of school-related work completed outside of regular work hours.

The school board also added two optional post planning days on May 21st and May 22nd for employees who did not make up their hours prior.