State Agencies Participating in Operation Dry Water this Weekend

June 28, 2013

As the Forth of July weekend is coming up, there is a big push this weekend to keep everyone safe on Georgia Lakes.

Operation Drywater, a team effort between the Army Corps of Engineers and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, will handout information at local boat ramps on boating safety.

DNR Assistant Chief of Law Enforcement Jeff Weaver says this weekend is focused on getting the word out boating safety.

“The weekend prior to the 4th is targeted to educate boaters about the dangers of boating under the influence, which is a big contributor to accidents”, said Weaver.

He says that the DNR is going to be out in force in the coming weekends.

“Our enforcement officers will be out this weekend and the next in force to ensure the safety of the boating public”, said Weaver.

Weaver mentions that the Georgia State Patrol and Governor’s Office of Highway Safety are partners in this campaign as well.

Weaver says, “We partner with the Georgia State Patrol and Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, because when we take a potential impaired operator off the water, we are also taking them off of the roadway.”

More information about Georgia’s new boating laws can be found at