State and County Roads Extremely Dangerous this Morning

January 29, 2014

1-29-2014 Icy RoadsWith the winter precipitation at a halt in Elbert and surrounding counties, that doesn’t mean that it’s safe to carry on with normal activities.

Georgia Department of Transportation Spokesperson Teri Pope says the best course of action for today is to stay put.

“We want you to know that there are still very hazardous conditions from our little corner in NE Georgia all the way down to Savannah”, explained Pope. “The best place to stay today, is where you currently are.”

Pope says the Georgia DOT is working to keep all State Routes and Interstates, and under ideal circumstances, a majority of the roads should be clear by mid afternoon today.

“We hope that by mid-afternoon with temperatures rising, and the sun coming up, that we can get ahead of this ice situation, but right now we have black ice conditions throughout the state”, said Pope.

According to Elbert County Emergency Management Services, there are several secondary roads in the county that are experiencing icy conditions, and those include:

Highway 77 North – Impassible

W. Tate St near Monumental Dr
Deep Creek Rd – Various locations icy
Sherwood Dr – East end covered by snow and ice
Bowman Hwy – From Star Granite to Northwood Hills Subdivision
Pine Knoll Dr – Covered with snow
Bodie Rayle Rd
Hwy 172 W at Deep Creek Rd intersection
Pulliam Mill Rd – Has icy patches 15-20 yards in length
N Oliver St – Icy patches
Kathwood Dr
Highland Dr
East Clairmont Ave
Lake Forest Dr at Forest Hill Rd
Ruckersville Rd – Bridges icy and icy patches

Elbert County EMS Director Chuck Almond says roads in the northern half of the county are in bad shape.

“Road conditions, secondary road conditions in the Northern part of the county that I have been on are extremely dangerous”, said Chuck Almond.

So please stay indoors until conditions begin to improve, which is expected to be around mid-afternoon.