State Drought Conditions Continue to Improve After Heavy Rains

May 7, 2013

Another weekend full of rain for the state of Georgia has continued to have positive impacts on the state’s drought monitor.

The Climate Prediction Center recently updated its three-month outlook for precipitation and temperatures.

State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey says the outlook is what should be expected at this point in the year.

“It shows an equal chance for above, below, or normal precipitation for the next three months, while the temperatures are showing slightly higher than normal for the next three months”, said Murphey.

He says that severe weather in Georgia is a strong possibility as we continue forward with the spring transition, but he also says a cold air wedge has formed, which should increase stability in the area.

“As long as we have this wedge in place, it really keeps the stability up and helps shield us from strong unstable conditions, as it keeps the severe weather potential down”, said Murphey.

An interesting note about the drought, on January 1st 2013, over 90% of the state was considered to be in moderate drought or worse.

As of April 29th 2013, over 90% of the state is now considered to be at normal conditions or carrying excess rainfall; talk about a complete 180 degree turn.