State Labor Commissioner Speaks in Toccoa

May 6, 2013

The state’s labor commissioner says it is important for a community to engage its children to ensure a bright future.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler delivered that message as the keynote speaker at the 21st annual Toccoa-Stephens County Boys’ and Girls’ Club benefit dinner held Tuesday at the Georgia Baptist conference center in Toccoa.

He says programs like the boys’ and girls’ club are essential to help children succeed.

“These programs are preparing a lot of our young people that may not have some support systems at home sometimes, to teach them the things they need to know, different kind of social skills, soft skills that they need to have so they can be successful in the job market,” said Butler.

Butler says by helping children succeed in school and life at an early age, they go on to help make a community’s workforce stronger.

A strong workforce is something butler says is the number one thing businesses look for in an area.