State Rep. Tom McCall Talks About Upcoming Legislation

February 12, 2013

A new bill is on the way out of the state’s agriculture committee.

State Representative Tom McCall said the bill addresses an issue that has come up at local fundraisers across the state.

“Concerns occurred with a fundraiser that they were doing for Sydney Vickery with the health department. A friend of mine on the Ag committee had similar issues with a Relay for Life fundraiser where you cook hamburgers and sell them for a fundraiser”, explained McCall. “The health department doesn’t have anything to do anymore with being over a one day fundraiser type of deal.”

The bill would stop the local health departments from enforcing restaurant style regulations on the previously mentioned types of fundraisers.

McCall says that the government needs to stop over stepping its bounds.

“The government doesn’t need to be regulating that kind of stuff”, said McCall. “All this bill did is say that fundraisers like that do not come under the same regulations as restaurants do.”

The bill has made its way out of the agriculture committee, but still has to go through a vote on the house floor, through the state senate, and has to be signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal.